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Dear visitors, welcome to the website Budimka.
Budimka invites you to pay us a visit in our new, rustically designed degustation room, as well as to enjoy good fruit brandy. Budimka's distillery and the apartments are located along the Danube River.

Celebrating life at every moment, the life that brings nature, rest and healthy relaxation.

We provide a complete fruit experience to our visitors. It includes a tour through the distillery, vineyards and orchards, brandy tasting, products sale as well as bed and home-made breakfast, which is prepared according to the old, forgotten recipes.

Mission: "Celebrating life at every moment", for us it means having positive impact to everything that surrounds us, being a positive force for good. We all live by this mission, in our families, work, relationships and everyday communication.

Vision: To strengthen the production of naturally cultivated fruit on our plantations. To strengthen the Budimka brand. To enclose the fruit production, fruit processing and tourism in a circle of the unique service to the client. In the form of the story which brings nature, rest and healthy relaxation. Of the story which celebrates life in each and every moment.

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