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The beginning of the story of the beautiful Budimka dates back to 1894, when granny Katarina Budim was born, in the still lively village of Oštri Vrh.

Her kiss was magical, it was the reason why she stops her schooling in Sarajevo and soon becomes Bićanić. She was the mother of three children, grandmother of eight grandchildren, and great-grandmother of twenty great-grandchildren.

Children were growing, proudly stressing their Bićanić surname, but never forgetting their Budim roots.

Soon the fertile valley of Oštri vrh was not big enough, the estate extended to the right bank of the powerful Danube River, to the area of traditional vineyards of Ilok.
Quince, plums, grapes, apricots are planted, and still it was not enough, Budimka wished to give more to its faithful gourmands, a kiss from a peach, an apple, a pear...

The time has come that beautiful Budimka revives, in the new form, with conserved tradition, in completely natural products of the Budimka brand.

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