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The plantations of quince, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, plums, as well as Graševina, Chardonay and Merlot stretch on more than 15 ha of our estate. Throughout the entire year we cultivate our fruit with special care. After harvesting we bring it to our little “workshops”.

Products Budimka provide full fruit experience.

The first one is a modernly equipped distillery of 200 l of capacity. The production process has remained faithful to the traditional, old procedure with special emphasis given to the hygienic conditions.

All of this is enriched by the top-quality German technology, characterized by the unique handmade production.

The creation process of the fruit liquor is done under the thorough supervision of the father of the family Vlado. Sometimes other family members join him as well, and often they start playing card games until the late night hours.

Sweet kitchen is the empire of the mother of the family Danica. She creates tasty marmalades and jams without preservatives and artificial additives.

A tiny amount of sugar is present because the best sweetness after all is the natural sweetness of the fruit. Everything is as it would have been done by the old Katarina Budim in her times.

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