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One hundred guests attended the opening ceremony of a tourist facility OPG Ivana Bićanić and new brandy distillery. This is a huge investment, where 50% of costs were funded from a loan, while the rest is covered by personal funds.

Bozo Galic, commissioner of Vukovar - Srijem County, mayor of Lovas Stjepan Milas and Ivana Bićanić, cut the ribbon officially opening the facility. Guests were addressed by Vlado Bićanić, who especially thanked the local government, the County of Vukovar-Srijem and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, without whose support this project would not succeed. Then followed a tour of the facility, tasting of Budimka products and a commemorative banquet. All this under the watchful eye of the Slavonian “snaša”.

Work on this project were intensified during 2007. , when began the cultivation of permanent plantations of orchards and vineyards. New distillery, which is a handmade German production, has a capacity of 200 liters and contains high-tech equipment, says Ivana, adding that it is a true family farm, where everyone is responsible for particular jobs. This farm currently has two production plants, a distillery and a kitchen, that is in the hands of Danica Bićanić, who is responsible for making the jam and marmalade based on the old recipes, without adding any preservatives and with a minimal amount of sugar. She points out that this is possible by using only pasteurization, adding also that it is expected soon to start operation of kiln, which will be used in fruit drying process.

This tourist facility is located on the family farm of 15 acres of vineyards and orchards. Currently consists of seven rooms with 14 beds, mini-museum (with at least half a century old items that were used by peasants from Slavonia region), distillery, tasting room, kitchen and dining room, while soon, will be completed construction of wine cellars. Facility employs one permanent and five seasonal workers, on jobs in the vineyard. It is expected, due to the expansion of business, increase in the number of employees.

Currently producing fruit brandy grape brandy, apple, pear, plum and cherry brandy, peach and apricot, different dried fruits and jam under the brand Budimka. Everything is produced naturally, in the traditional way.

At first glance, it is clear that this is a modern but traditionally decorated facility, with special attention to the smallest detail. Rooms are symbolic names, apple, pear, quince ... all furniture is built of solid wood, and is handmade. The lower part of the building containing the kitchen, dining room, tasting room, distillery and the terrace is built out of the old Slavonian oak. The idea is that guests are served with the old, now almost forgotten breakfast based on old recepies.

In times to come, offer will be expanded to other tourist arrangements

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